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It’s a whole new concept to Ceylon Coffee Industry. We were one of the best coffee producers in the world 150 years ago. With our coffee farmers, we try our best to regain the glory we had with 100% organic way.  

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Set The Rules for Ceylon Coffee Industry

Set the rules for the coffee industry to standardize, control and maintain the set industry practices. In addition to that act as a facilitator to the coffee associations and farmers.

Before the end of 2021, we plan to distribute 495,000 Arabica specialty coffee plants among 1787 organic farmers through 16 farmer associations.

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If you want to become Barista, then join us to get your International Barista Certificate.

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Don’t Wait to Become a Registered Coffee Association to enable the Global Presence for your Association.

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Don’t miss to Become a registered Farmer of Ceylon Coffee Federation Today get a lots of Benefits.

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Customized Instruction For Everyone

We provide all the instructions for coffee farmers, farmer organizations [Coffee Associations] to enhance the volume while establishing global standards for Ceylon Coffee. In addition to that, we produce “Baristas” for the global market as qualified professionals.

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