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Happy, Trust & Nature

The process of structuring the Ceylon Coffee Industry from farmer to buyer while maintaining 100% transparency of the whole process is the main focus of establishing Federation. The Ceylon Coffee Federation was formed in order to educate, standardize and develop a systematic processing structure to produce high-quality Ceylon Coffee through farmer groups. The federation approach comprises a three-fold model called Trust, Happy, and Nature.

Our Foundation

Our Philosophy


To make happy value chain members, it is necessary to share benefits among all members. A fully computerized database and mobile app are proposed to develop by the federation and with that consumer in any country like France can see where his/her coffee is grown, how it is processed and packed.


Make trust among all stakeholders especially Farmers, Farmer Organizations, Roaster/ Exporter, and other government agencies who engaged in Research & Development such as the Department of Export Agriculture, market development agencies such as the Export Development Board, and regulatory institutions to regulate proposed concepts. Finally, make trust about Sri Lankan Coffee among both local and foreign consumers. To enhance trust among all stakeholders, traceability will be established from farmers to consumers. Thereby, it is expected to attract niche markets that fetch a higher price.


It is proposed to cultivate 1 Mn plant by end of 2021 and already planted 0.2 Mn plants in Central High Land in the country. All these new cultivation is grown organically aligning with Kandyan Forest Garden Concept, maintaining the biodiversity of nature.

Our Contribution

Our Objectives


Develop and maintain national platforms for coffee stakeholders to strengthen relationships and dialogue in the sector, and the addressing of critical industry issues


Encourage and facilitate to increase the investment in production.


Continue to innovate and find creative ideas and methods for rekindling interest in coffee production in Sri Lanka, especially among young people


To ensure that producers receive prices that cover their average costs of sustainable production.


Encourage the coffee nursery plantations and support Government to facilitate them.


Encourage coffee stakeholders to innovate with technology.


To provide guidance, education and assistance to the farmers who engaged with the industry.


To encourage coffee stakeholders for value addition and brand the Ceylon logo in the global market.


To collaborate and work with other societies /organizations having similar objects.

Our Contribution

What We Do

Farmer Families

Farmer Association

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